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Omnivore is designed so that you can get yourself going without the need for any prior marketplace expertise. However, if you’re new to selling on marketplaces or don’t have the time we have different levels of support available.


Onboarding package

Have access to a dedicated onboarding specialist who will work with you to get set up correctly for each marketplace right from the beginning. We work with you via zoom and screenshare so that you also learn how to manage your marketplaces after launch.

From USD$450

Account Management

Account Management

We monitor your accounts, send monthly reports and manage custom development requests for you. We also make strategic recommendations on which marketplaces you should be selling on to maximise your sales channel strategy.

Available for Enterprise clients

Experienced Technical Support

We’re available on email and live chat Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm AEST. We monitor for emergencies outside of those hours so if you have a major issue we’re there to assist.

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Free of charge, with every account

Deeper Analytics & Insights

If you really want to supercharge your sales, ask for the Analytics package. You’ll be given access to a much greater depth of data, allowing you to make the best informed decisions on how to optimise your sales, even develop new strategies.

From USD$49.95 per month, in addition to your monthly Omnivore package

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Help Yourself Knowledge Base

We’ve built an extensive collection of articles, videos and self-help guides that will help you make more sales, optimise your account, improve inventory management and pretty much anything you can think of. It’s all yours, as soon as you sign up.

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Free of charge, with every account