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What can I do with Omnivore?


Choose what is sold and where
for each and every product

You have full control over which products are listed for sale on each channel. Block a single product or do it in bulk, exclude or include products based on brand or category.

block products

See the channels your products are listed
on at a glance

A quick glance at your sales channel status page lets you know what products are listed where for easy management.

img Marketplace Status

Access your summary dashboard, speed your business decisions

Review key stats at a glance, make the required adjustments, immediately. Instant access to details like inventory parity, orders and top sellers across all of your online marketplaces.

Summary dashboard


icon16 Access deep analytics and insights, optimise your sales accordingly

As an additional option, you can access even more detail and sales data about your marketplaces.
Receive in-depth reports and analytics to help you optimise sales and develop new strategies.

In-depth Reporting & Analytics

Change pricing for each marketplace

Tailor your pricing and promotion for each online marketplace, have a different price on every channel if required without changing the price on your ecommerce store. Schedule start and end times. Apply price changes to all products, a single product or a group of products.

Customise Pricing

Create product bundles easily

Increase order values at checkout by creating bulk buys of the same product or a bundle of different products.

img Product Bundles

Get your products in the right category, find the right customers

Customers search by category on marketplaces. Choose marketplace categories in Omnivore for each marketplace and set up rules to automatically assign new products to a marketplace category.


Add product attribute data requirements

Many marketplaces require granular product attribute data based on categories. For example if you’re selling clothing ‘style’ or ‘material’ must be provided. You can add this data to Omnivore or import it from your ecommerce platform. This all helps to boost your sales.

Set marketplace attributes

Tailor your titles and descriptions, boost visibility in search

Increase the chance of your products being discovered, by adding keywords and customising product titles and descriptions for each online marketplace. You can also remove unwanted description content from your ecommerce feed.

Tailor product titles and descriptions

Link to ASIN on Amazon, Retain marketplace listings

Depending on how listings have been set up, we can often link to existing listings on eBay and other marketplaces allowing you to retain sales history and reviews. On Amazon, you can link to an existing ASIN if you know it or search for one.

img ASIN

Instantly view and fix errors to maximise products listed

You’ll be able to see listing errors as soon as they occur, fix the problem so that you can get all of your products for sale on the sales channels.

View and fix listing errors

Advanced search and filtering to find products

Quickly find products using keywords, price, even brand name – then make the changes required, or block the products from listing.

Filter products

icon22 Fulfil all orders using your existing fulfilment processes

Omnivore will send all marketplace orders through to your ecommerce store  so you can use existing fulfilment processes. If you need your orders sent to another platform we also have custom set up options available.

icon28 Carrier and tracking information sent to the Marketplace

Omnivore checks your ecommerce store to see if an order is shipped. Once shipped, the tracking and carrier information will be sent back to the marketplace to ensure the order is closed out and you meet marketplace seller requirements.

icon23 Product and Inventory is constantly syncing between your ecommerce store and sales channels

Omnivore syncs inventory and product data throughout the day in minutes for most ecommerce platforms and sales channels. As orders are received and inventory changes on one marketplace, Omnivore will also automatically update the other channels.

icon24 Control inventory across all channels

Apply stock buffers for each channel on different groups of products to either limit the inventory or prevent overselling. Maximum quantity settings also limit the amount of inventory avaialble on a channel.

icon25 Search, view and edit orders

View orders by marketplace and status. Get alerts and notifications on orders that need to be looked at.

icon29 Fulfil using inventory by location

Depending on your ecommerce platform, Omnivore supports inventory from multiple locations. Choose which location you want to use for your inventory on marketplaces.

icon26 Quickly view errors with orders, prevent bad experiences for customers

If there’s a mistake with an order, or some kind of error you’ll be able to see it and fix it immediately, without your customer ever knowing.

icon27 Tailor shipping to a product or a group of products

Because not all products can have the same shipping method or cost, you can create product groups based on weight or some other variable and set the relevant shipping method and cost.


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