Omnivore’s mapping engine will take a retailer feed and translate it into the format required by eBay.  Additionally, Omnivore will attempt to augment the product data by mapping in eBay item specific metadata where it can find the extra attributes in the feed, such as colour, material, condition, etc.  It is also capable of boosting the searchability of products by augmenting the product titles with keywords.

A full product feed is extracted from the retailer, mapped, tuned and then uploaded to eBay each day.  Depending on whether the retailer is capable of producing an inventory/stock feed, this is also extracted from the retailer and sent up to eBay at least once an hour to keep the stock levels on eBay as closely synchronised with the retailer’s stock management system as possible.

In-Store Pick Up

The in-store pick up feature in Omnivore allows shoppers to buy online at and choose a store to pick up their purchase from. Many or our retailers are already taking advantage of this feature including The Good Guys, Dick Smith, Officeworks, Supercheap Auto and Cincotta Pharmacy.

Retailers benefit from driving additional shoppers to their bricks-and-mortar stores – it’s proven that 1 in 5 In Store Pick Up purchases result in another sale in store at time of pick up. Retailers can also leverage the advantage of local stores and service over their overseas competition.

Shoppers can get their goods faster, know that they won’t miss out and save on delivery fees. Over 50% of shoppers don’t want to pay delivery and know they will be near a store they want to purchase from.

As part of your integration with Omnivore we use the stock per store inventory feed and store location information so that shoppers can see exactly where they can pick up the product they wish to buy.

How it works:
1. Omnivore sends the product, inventory and store location to eBay
2. When an item is purchased and the shopper chooses the store to pick it up from this information is sent through to the retailer to fulfill
3. When the retailer marks the item as ready for pick up, Omnivore updates eBay on the status so that the customer can be notified that they can pick up their purchase


When a customer makes a purchase on the retailer’s eBay storefront, a fully-paid order is downloaded into Omnivore.  Omnivore then translates the order into the retailer’s format and delivers it to the retailer eCommerce backend.  The full procedure is illustrated below.

There are three stages to the order flow:

  1. The order is delivered from eBay to the retailer’s eCommerce backend
  2. eBay requires that the order receipt is acknowledged back to eBay
  3. The order shipment notification, with associated carrier and tracking number information, is sent back to eBay once the order is dispatched

Depending on the nature of the retailer’s eCommerce system, the way in which the acknowledgement and shipping notifications are extracted will differ.  For a more detailed breakdown of the order lifecycle, and to see how orders can be managed via Omnivore’s Order REST API, please go to Order REST Resource.