How Omnivore works

Omnivore acts as a bridge between the retailer’s website and the third party affiliates’ sites.  It extracts the retailer’s products, maps them into the format that the destination site expects and handles the delivery of the transformed product feed on time and reliably to the destination site.


Currently, Omnivore supports the following methods of extracting products from the retailer’s site:

  1. Google Shopping product feed
  2. Westfield XML product feed
  3. Magento API integration
  4. Bigcommerce API integration
  5. Shopify API integration
  6. Custom XML product feed
  7. Custom CSV product feed
  8. Indexing the retailer’s web pages and extracting product information from Product Details pages

We understand that time is money, so each method is built to minimise impact and resources required from the retailer’s operations/IT and project management teams.  In the case of a Magento API integration, there is no further requirement for a full feed extraction than the setup of a new Magento user in the system.  For the Westfield/Google feed integration, the only information required is the location of the feed file to be uploaded into Omnivore.  For retailers who choose to have a feed built up by extracting product data from their webpages, there is no requirement of retailer staff time at all.

Omnivore brings the retailer’s products into a Product Database where it can be extracted on a regular, scheduled basis to be dispatched to the destination partner sites.  There is no need for the retailer to translate, for example, their size definitions to match the destination site. On the way out of Omnivore, the product passes through a set of mapping filters that translate colour, size and catalogue/category hierarchy information from the retailer’s format to the format and standard expected by the destination partner site, automatically.  Finally, the products are exported in the correct format expected by the partner site.

Data mappings are created by Omnivore staff, removing the burden from the retailer, and are monitored 24/7 by diagnostic systems to ensure a smooth flow of products to the destination sites.  Once the retailer’s products are flowing through Omnivore, adding another destination site is a straightforward process: either we already have a feed exporter for the destination site, or we can sit down with you to build an exporter if the partner site is new to us.

If you would like to find out more, we’re more than happy to talk you through the possibilities.

Retailer Product and Order Feed Management

You have great products, but you need exposure.  To do this you need an optimised Product Feed, automatically delivered to your partners to power your online retailing activity.  You also need this to happen with minimal impact to your busy technical staff and with minimal day-to-day supervision.

Market your products the easy way with the Omnivore Feed Platform

The Omniture platform is designed to interface into your systems and translate your product data into a format your online retail partner can understand.  If you don’t have a feed, we can help you build one, or we can help optimise and augment the data you already have.  We are currently partnering with to bring your product feed to the attention of savvy shoppers throughout Australia.

Why not contact us today and find out how we can help your business…?