There are over 3.5 billion searches made on Google everyday. 40% of global shoppers say they use Google to find the best deal. Get in front of them with Google Smart Shopping to:

  • Showcase your products

    at the very top of Google’s search results.

  • Increase conversions

    30% higher conversion rate than text ads.

  • Target your products

    to the right people at the right time with Google’s AI targeting.

Whether using free or paid listings, the Omnivore + Google Smart Shopping Solution gives you access to it all - from a single touchpoint.

  • Easy set up and management with our Dedicated Support Team
  • Map your business goals to different products
  • Better search results: we optimise your listings to get to the top of Google.
  • Dedicated monitoring of your campaign performance (valued at $500/month) for the first 3 months
  • Stop wasting money promoting out of stock products

We are so glad we tried Google Smart Shopping. We’ve seen real results…and fast! Omnivore made it easy to get set up and supported our team along the way. For a small investment, we’re getting about $8 in return for every $1 we spend. Google Smart Shopping with Omnivore has become an essential channel to drive sales and acquire new customers.

- Jimmy Dever Sales Manager | Cost Effective Maintenance


  • Roi


* results may vary for different products/businesses

Omnivore supports local inventory ads on Google.

  • Show products you have in stock in your local store
  • Google will display "In Store" or distance to their closest store
  • Drive people nearby in store to purchase with New Local Inventory ads

Getting started we’re here to support you

Omnivore integration is a simple, one off set up and takes just a couple of minutes

  • Connect with Omnivore

    Use an app or one of our integration methods

  • Create a Google Shopping Feed

    Omnivore creates your Google Shopping feed

  • Complete Google Set Up

    Easy to follow step by step instructions

  • Create a campaign

    Choose products and set your budget in Omnivore

  • Optimise

    Monitor and tweak your campaign based on results

All of this with a step by step easy to follow guide in omnivore with help from our specialist support team.

Learn more about google smart shopping and how to get set up with omnivore in our Google Smart Shopping Support Section.


C’mon, you got all the way here, you must be interested. Install the app, sign up to Omnivore from the app, and after adding payment details you will automatically receive a free 30 day trial – it takes 5 minutes and you can cancel at anytime!