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Bing Lee signs on as the 500th customer on the Ominvore retail platform in only three years

Uncategorized / 26.08.2015

Australian-based City Beach Software signs Bing Lee as its 500th customer on the Ominvore retail platform in only three years

Up and coming Australian IT company, City Beach Software, has been quietly integrating some of Australia’s top retailers onto large online marketplaces through its Australian-developed Omnivore retail feed management platform.

Today it announced it has signed on Bing Lee as its 500th customer in just over three years of operations. Bing Lee joins an Ominvore customer list which includes Dick Smith, General Pants, Rebel and Super Cheap Auto.

In addition, City Beach Software today has announced a new partnership with Lend Lease for use of the Ominvore platform on its full set of online shopping malls.

City Beach Software’s Omnivore platform is an Australian-developed cloud based system that overcomes the expensive and complex challenges for online retailers interconnecting to large online marketplaces. Omnivore automatically takes a retailer’s product catalogue in a wide variety of formats, optimises it and delivers it to online marketplaces including eBay, Google and

Dr Ivan Logan, founder and Director of City Beach Software said, “Today’s announcement is significant as only two years ago we were trialing a handful of customers to see if there was a market opportunity, today we signed on Bing Lee, one of Australia’s leading electrical and white goods retailers, as our 500th customer. Ominvore’s growth illustrates the market demand for Australian retailers to simply and efficiently link into the large online marketplaces such as eBay and to quickly broaden their customer base.

“Furthermore, today’s announcement recognises the opportunity for Australian-developed technology to provide leading IT solutions where the market demand is identified early.”

“We recognised a few years ago the many complex IT challenges for small and large retailers wanting to integrate their online stores into the large online marketplaces. They told us managing IT integrations of this nature was becoming increasingly expensive, draining limited resources and taking too long to complete. We saw this as an opportunity to develop a platform to address these issues,” said Dr Logan.

Omnivore is a unique retail management platform, connecting 500 Australian retailers, from national high street players to niche boutiques, into online marketplaces. Omnivore seamlessly bridges the retailer’s website and the online marketplaces.

With Australian online retail set to double by 2020, retailers big or small are confronted with the need to move online or expand their online presence. Australian developed Omnivore is a leading solution which rapidly enables retailers’ online growth through a clever and inexpensive enterprise-grade online channel management solution which until now was reserved for the biggest retailers.

“Down the line, Omnivore will assist in accelerating the growth in the ecommerce industry in Australia”, concluded Dr Logan.


City Beach Software developed the unique Omnivore platform in 2013 and has invested in research and development to evolve the product to enable scalability and stability for online retailers. City Beach Software has garnered the best talent from around Australia working as a virtual team consisting of a Product Director, two developers, an Account Manager and technical support. It is funded by organic growth which began with three foundation customers integrating onto large online market places including Ebay and